• Paper / board, bulk waste handling systems

    • Fully automated continuous duty "turn key" systems

    • perform continuously with little maintenance

    • function at 0 pressure at the point of paper discharge

    • operate very efficiently outdoors in rigourous  weather

    • offer recirculated air during the winter

      • reducing heating costs

      • exhaust warm air in  summer

      • reoxygenating the air in the factory

    • garanteed not to clogg

    • continuous clean air blowback system

    • the filter elements require no maintenance and last for years

    • eliminate the loss of production due to system clogging

    • require absolutely no manpower

    • advise the user of any oncomming buildup as well as container replacement

    • filter elements that contain dust particules in excess of 99.9%

    • fully automatic sensing devices that control baling sequences


Static prevention

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