Obtain more income for your waste

Paper grade classifying is highly lucrative in processes that handle more than one, and these classifiers can easily sort waste into as many grades as required by the user, supplied with automated pushbutton or manual switching diverter valves these units can accumulate as much waste of every grade as needed to compact a mill size bale. Collecting waste at point of generation, they come with fully automatic sensing devices that control baling sequences, thus eliminating the need of constant surveillance.

Furthermore, these units are built according to the industry standards and are highly resistant to deterioration in order to offer many years of reliable maintenance-free service. The addition of a Regenair classifier as part of your processing equipment is a benefit in many ways, and payback on this investment is very short and wellworth the effort of a thorrow investigation from any convertor who produces large quantities of waste.

Manufactured with filter elements that contain dust particules in excess of 99.9%, all Regenair systems are designed to offer recirculated air during the winter weather, reducing heating costs; and exhaust warm air in the summer time reoxygenating the air in the factory, thus enhancing employee's working conditions and resulting in better productivity. For plants operating in air conditionned environment the air displacement created by these systems is highly sufficient to supply inline cooling coils for refrigeration. No special skills are required to operate these systems.

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